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The legislation should include a comprehensive, governmentwide strategy for determining the dates during which cash payments would be offered to maximize acceptance rates.

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If we are a business, then we should be allowed to make sound business decisions without congressional interference. USPS to behave like any other company or agency would. Employees considering an early retirement must consult with their human resources office and follow agency procedures to receive an annuity estimate and obtain advice specific to their personal situation. You should ask your Benefits Specialist for more information.


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Postal Service would have based on the actions of Congress, including helping them with the Medicare Part D, recalculation, looking at the way that the FERS retirement system is set up, and the payment that is made for military retirees.

Word of the retirement incentive came out as Greenstein made the case to Senate appropriations committee members that the system should get more funding than the amount proposed by Gov.

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Postal Service with the funds that we have available. The offer rear open quit those crash for retirement and early retirement It also includes employees in select positions such large retail clerks. The point I am making is quite simple: our people are hurting. You are dead on, exactly right.

Mapa, president, National League of Postmasters; and Ted Keating, president, National Association of Postal Supervisors. Statement provides estimates of this benefit. Well, if it was my wish list, I would like to just revisit this whole notion of the pace at which we pay into the retiree health benefit trust fund. Federal postal service offers early retirement will when csrs. The possibilities for alternative fuel is very exciting.

There is one aspect of this process, however, that I would like to address, the imposition of the CBO scoring on this bill. Potter to please rise and raise your right hand. District offices could be cut with very little problem, and this way offices can stay open and we can continue to provide great service to our customers. The problem is that employees, who are eligible, refrain from severing their employment for a variety of personal reasons and continue to work for lack of an alternative that meets their objectives. We do not be dealt with a portion of postal retirement!

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